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This is not your ordinary grill.

This is a hand-crafted culinary masterpiece.


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Coates Grills defies limitations. Taste the sensation.
Built to last. Part custom bbq oven, part custom grill, part habachi, part open pit cooking. Nothing rivals the insatiable flavor this outdoor grill imparts. This artisan grill provides consistency and reliability. Custom designed and built entirely by hand, with cast aluminum construction - allowing for incredibly even heat distribution. 
The Coates grill provides options. By options, we mean you have the choice of using either:
1. Wood
2. Wood & charcoal
3. Wood, charcoal & propane
Whatever method you prefer, your custom hybrid grill will be built accordingly. 

Barbeque steaks, pork chops, lamb chops and brisket--grill hot dogs, hamburgers and poultry. Even veggies, fish, tacos and flatbreads are made simple. With such ease of use, this unique grill is even being called a chefs secret weapon

Each and every grill is built by hand and made entirely in Michigan, to ensure the quality of craftsmanship in every last feature. This isn't your ordinary grill that will rust out, but instead a one of a kind masterpiece, sure to withstand years of use. A grill for culinary connoisseurs and beginners alike.



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