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About Us

The next big thing in outdoor cooking


Our Grills are designed on four generations of wood pit grilling.  Your new grill is crafted with quality materials and is made here in America.  
Our custom design allows for an easy cooking experience and allows you to cook year round.




From watching my grandpa Bill in the summers grilling meat over a wood pit to the artisan cooking machine of today.  See how Coates Grills changes the way you cook.



The Food

My Grandpa loved to took slabs of ribs and Chicken but see what you can create with a wood hybrid smoking grill.



Coates Grills are different from anything you have ever cooked on, it used to take a lot of time and energy to get a wood fire ready but today you can grill year round see what makes us special.


We wanted to design an artisan grill that had both classical and contemporary elements, and was ultimately artistic and aesthetically pleasing. But, at the very core of our vision was to design every feature of the custom bbq grill's function to be durablefunctionally flawless, and entirely hand-crafted of cast aluminum. We weren't going to settle for anything less than remarkable, and we haven't along any step of the way.  The Coates Grill is a unique wood and charcoal outdoor hibachi grill, sure to make you the culinary talk of the town. Chefs want it, everyone loves it. Everything it touches just tastes better.

"I remember as a kid, my father and grandfather cooking over an open pit. It was a family tradition and labor of love. We would spend time splitting the wood, carefully arrange a teepee, then light the coals and tend to them until hot. These steps were simply preparation. Next, we'd place a metal grate on top of the fire, and start cooking. There was no marinating, no steak rubs. The flavor of the wood and smoke was irresistible enough on its own.  

No matter how exceptional the food, it was never about the actual cooking, though. It was the experience of enjoyment and sharing; the many memories created that remain vivid for a lifetime. That is where the inspiration for Coates Grills came from – I wanted to design a grill that looked unique, and allowed for a delicious and unforgettable experience.

It has been a long journey, and one that encompassed a whole lot of research, testing and tweaking. I wanted to make sure every last detail of my grill would be the perfect fusion of beauty and functionality. For many, it has even become a favorite hobby to experiment with various woods in their custom Coates Grill. From oak, maple, hickory and mesquite to the fruitier woods such as wild cherry, apple or peach. This grill encourages you to want to cook - often, and with others! Sensational has never been so attainable!"

 -Tom Coates






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